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              The above corporate image banner of Taiwan Residential Earthquake Insurance Fund, which shows: 1. The Logo of Taiwan Residential Earthquake Insurance Fun(TREIF) 2. TREIF’s Core Value:Team Work, Research, Execution, Innovation、Foresight 3.TREIF’s Slogan:Reliable TREIF Stable Life
              The lower Vision Animation of Taiwan Residential earthquake insurance fund, which shows: 1. TREIF(Taiwan Residential Earthquake Insurance Fund)Vision: To enhance the seismic risk awareness among general public and to establish professional &quot; trustworthy residential earthquake insurance management pivotal organization <br /> 2. TREIF’s Core Value:<br /> T for Team Work R for Research E for Execution I for Innovation F for Foresight 3. TREIF Slogan:Reliable TREIF Stable Life 4. TREIF’s Logoe Life

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